About Us

After years of helping their employers connect with prospects, Smash Marketing's principals, Leila Ahmed and Cristy Gonzalez, realized that the people they worked with every day looked on them as marketing experts with an extraordinary commitment to results. The two offered the same high level of customer care, professionalism, and strategic focus in their marketing roles at SAP, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards, and Lawson Software. They juggled industry, product, field, and partner marketing duties. And through it all, they excelled at getting the attention of key decision makers and motivating them to take the next step. So making the leap from trusted employee to trusted partner wasn't really a leap at all. In 2008, Smash Marketing was born.

Cristy González, Principal

There are a lot of preconceptions about people with fine arts backgrounds. For example: the artistic temperament doesn't get a lot of credit for its business savvy. Cristy's career is a case study in the value of shaking things up.

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Leila Ahmed, Principal

Leila has always been interested in where the human element of marketing (emotion, motivation, and psychology) intersects with its scientific side (measurement and process). Her passion for understanding what drives people to respond to marketing fuels Smash's innovative campaigns for keeping customers and prospects engaged with your company.

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