As a top SAP reseller, SoftBrands is always on the lookout for new ways to extend SAP’s market presence. With the FourthShift Edition solution, they saw they could expand SAP’s footprint with existing SAP customers. But without SAP support, SoftBrands was responsible for generating pipeline and developing its own go-to-market plan.  SoftBrands began with a targeted list of 200 SAP’s large enterprise customers. They had no contacts, no documented customer testimonials, and no marketing offers. No problem. Smash Marketing was on the job.

The Smash Solution
SoftBrands and Smash Marketing worked with SAP to define new positioning around customer testimonials for consistent messaging. Smash then helped develop a tailored mix of sales tools and awareness-building and lead-generation activities, including:

  • A white paper outlining the solution’s new approach
  • Customer success stories validating the solution
  • Direct mail, e-mail, and appointment setting programs to drive leads and awareness

SoftBrand’s CEO and VP of Sales both said they should have launched the program a long time ago. The Smash campaign generated more leads and awareness than any other recent marketing programs.

Company Background
SoftBrands is a leader in providing software solutions to the manufacturing and hospitality industries worldwide and is valued at $98.7 million in annual revenue.

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